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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2020 1:30pm-2:00pm CET

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slavery i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routs starts march 9th on d w. hello read welcome to in good shape coming up. autologous blood therapy how does it work . liquid biopsy a new tool for cancer diagnosis. and blood transfusions what are the risks.
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and here's your host dr coston they could tough to. imagine me writing this bike 3 times around the world i would surely have to see a mechanic to get a few pairs sometimes not so that and this is the distance our blood to travel is wrong on our bodies have or at all times because of our optimism veins at a distance of more than 100000 kilometers and this is not all blood down as it helps us doctors to diagnose certain diseases sometimes even before a patient get symptoms. and that's why i'm here at berlin's that today this is where 65000000 lots and lots are examined every year the scientific director office all this kind with tell him he knows everything about not he will tell us whole few drops of it can tell us everything about all heart these are key. not testing is an essential part of modern medicine. discovery
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more and more of all your focus is doing research at the other team building on how to take cancer in the stooge. target. nowadays we are able to treat cancer patients individually with the help of the biopsy. for instance does blood was like aspirin is for us today it was a cure for many things like behaving and blood against leprosy or drinking fresh human blood against seizures or just think about black it to get rid of all the evil forces in the body well blood is not that creepy any war but it's amazing what blood can do. the heart continuously pumps blood around the body up to 10000 liters flow through its chambers every day enough to fill 50 bathtubs.
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the largest artery is the aorta and it says thick as a garden hose while the tiny capello a thinner than a human head. they form a kind of transport network. and blood is the body's delivery service it supplies the cells with everything they need like sugar ion fat oxygen and hormones . blood flows through the arteries at speeds of up to 2 meters a 2nd. and on its way back to the heart it brings waste products from the body's cells like c o 2 and urea. more than half the blood is made up of plasma which is mostly water. some of the blood components are made inside the bones. they yellow marrow contains a attic tissue where billions of new blood cells are produced every day
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the different types of blood cells start off a stem cells through a process called cell differentiation they become white blood cells platelets and red blood cells and they all have completely different jobs. blood platelets prepare the wounds white blood cells search the body for dangerous viruses bacteria and toxins certain white cells called plasma cells produce up to 2000 antibodies a 2nd they target foreign substances in the body known as antigens to neutralize or destroy them red blood cells contain hemoglobin which binds to oxygen this is how blood gets its red color the more oxygen it contains the brighter the red. blood is sometimes referred to as a liquid organ which is no exaggeration considering the many vital functions it
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performs. i'm here with professor would have told by these 3 scientific director of burlap thanks for having me today it's more pleasant you are left physicians and the blood specialist so what's so fascinating about blood well a lot is a peculiar fluids a very very complex mixture and it reflects like a mirror or a looking glass the condition of a patient both pursue respect to health and disease and we can find out a great lot of informations about the patient so either any alarm science that you can see in the blood before the patient even have to his symptoms yes you address the matter of early diagnostics or what would even be better of
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prevention in germany we take a chinese drop of blood from a new born child and any lawyer sits for markers of c.v.s. uses their new methods in the lab like aspect of the tree ready to use must be true to form. the use in the clinical lab is a quite new development and mass spectrometry allows the identification and detection even of molecules which have been to this state unknown of course when the patient takes a rock which has potential side effects it's essential to monitor the concentration. and since to date many new drugs are happy only for the patients benefits introduced into therapy it's essential
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that we in the lab are able to detect and to quantitatively measure these new drugs and this is feasible by the use of mass spectrometry are there any tests that everyone should take essential tests include for instance cholesterol since qualis store is a real important risk factor for coronary heart disease 2nd i would recommend to do basic testing for liver diseases kidney model function i would have a white and red blood count and for female patients i recommend to enter law is the are in concentration the lot so if you don't want to see your g.p. there are some companies that offer blood tests over the internet what you think about this i personally have my serious reservations about blood testing
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over the counter without the it why is of a medical doctor or a general practitioner the reason for this is that the test result must be interpreted and evaluated and this requires medical knowledge. it's the interpretation of the sentence to link the tests for solids with the personal history of the patient the medication the symptoms and other medical conditions and this is really important to come to the right conclusion based on the test result always see you trape 1st except you know when the 1st blood transfusion was performed it was 1492 when the pope was sick so he didn't have fresh blood and he was given that from 3 young children unfortunately 3 children died and the pope
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didn't get well the transfusions and routine procedure in medicine but they're not without danger. of alamut is about to have bypass surgery it's a procedure with a high risk of blood loss and the house is understandably worried. on some pretty frightening chore so. it's standard practice to have blood reserves on hand during the procedure but the doctors here at the university in frankfurt are taking a different approach. that's a warning to us as major operations are a bit like running a marathon so we get the patients ready the way people prepare for a sporting challenge. in terms of hemorrhaging hemoglobin plays a big role and you do the higher the hemoglobin levels ahead of an operation the more of a buffer you have if they drop during surgery. that's the key factor in deciding if the patient needs a blood transfusion that's why the patient's blood is fortified with iron before
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surgery and doctors establish if there's any likelihood of a coagulation disorder a transfusion is always a risk. of blood transfusion introduces a range of foreign cells it's comparable to an organ transplant and house immunological consequences were faked and. even a transfusion from the same law group doesn't rule out a defensive reaction like fever hemorrhage or nausea. but we know that you can give a patient too much blood and overtaxed their circulation it could even cause a problem an area deemer so it's extremely important to be very careful and only give the patient the exact quantity they need. to keep in addition it's better to err on the side of caution hospitals have developed patient blood management programs to prevent blood loss during and after surgery for example doctors can use
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what's called cell salvage during an operation that's a way of collecting the blood lost during the procedure. it can then be infused back into patients if necessary. they are also kept warm with heated blanket. guide as to keeping the patient warm helps optimize blood coagulation so the patient loses less blood germ surgery or something of that $36.00 degrees is the baseline temperature for blood platelet function platelets react to bleeding by clumping thereby initiating a blood clot researchers at the university hospital in frankfurt have developed a small heart lung machine that helps limit blood loss after surgery lost can also be limited by taking smaller amounts of blood during tests. patient blood management programs can help hospitals cut blood transfusions by 50 percent. they also ensure the hospitals have sufficient reserves for patients such
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as was left which we definitely will need donor blood. and was in the we've noticed that your hemoglobin levels are on the low side or meet. him. she requires a transfusion after her hip operation for some patients it can be a lifesaver so every drop of blood matters. are still in burlap with professor. black is also very important for the diagnosis of rare diseases can you give me some examples yes this example is for new kettle nuria it is east caused by order of amino acid metabolism children affected by the d.c.'s suffer from them it shows of the brain and suffer from mental patients if that
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is the this is the norse early enough. that children can develop normally through a diet and all this can be diagnosed from a very small drop of blood. if there is something special about burlap it is that it's very closely connected to research can you leak some secrets what kind of research is going on yes. we are working quite hard. to improve a little x. of rai blood spots this means a drop of blood put onto a small paper card and draw it and it will ask why we are doing that the reason for this is that it may be difficult to transport liquids plot
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samples in some areas geographical regions and it's much more easy to transport a dry plot spot on a card in an envelope put into the mail the 2nd example is analytics and diagnostics to detect and to monitor or malfunction of kidney diseases or at kidney disease and here we develop new markers which allow and facilitate to properly estimate the degree of kidney malfunction many of my patients ask me if it's possible to detect cancer in the blood so is it possible well early detection of cancer in the blood is a real challenge. and with the exception of prostate specific antigen
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p.s.a. to my personal view we have no screening chil marker which allows early detection of cancer. but there are prospects that we will be able to develop such tests based on genetic or and epi genetic testing and biochemical testing and possibly also based on liquid biopsy thanks so much for this interesting talk thank you it was my pleasure let's take a closer look on the test called liquid by p.c. policed. from client you feel a little jam but you know they're already sick and massaging you to book so has come for a checkup. so just 2 more and we're done. the blood test spares cancer patients a pain for a risky procedure to extract tissue from the tumor a standard biopsy wasn't an option for her anyway. isn't.
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there in such all could positions and in both the lungs but they're hard to reach. she hopes this liquid biopsy will help or switch to a targeted medication and come off chemotherapy which affects the entire body. i felt awful at the start of the chemo wreaked havoc really affected my blood values . the clinic that street turbo long story network of experts by testing their tumor d.n.a. in the blood samples they can often determine which subtype of cancer the patient might have targeted medications had been developed for certain types of the disease including. it is when we might be able to give you medication in tablet form. but so far the medication has only been approved for ovarian cancer not for
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a tumor and the long. one day an oncologist will treat pretty much every type of tumor regardless of whether it's breast cancer or ovarian cancer or something else the aim is to characterize tumor cells more and more precisely and to develop more drugs that allow us to move away from chemotherapy. that would be of great benefit to patients who would have less hair loss or other side effects all the problems you otherwise get don't happen when the therapy targets only the tumor cells which helps patients quite a bit. has been having chemotherapy for 5 years now and she still has her ups and downs. so i have a lot of support from my family my husband my daughter my grandkids they always pull me back up when i'm feeling low. milage mother and. she's hoping the drug
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will soon be approved for her cancer too so she can switch to the targeted medication. and gives dr claudia for a bit at the berlin show and you're performing the so-called big pipe see what thread currently died asterix star tissue so-called resections a pirate sees. this collection and that can be difficult in patients with poor general conditions like cancer patients and status and nowadays we have the option to do this analysis in others of 2 more south genetic information on the biopsies so that means you're taking a blood sample of the patient and you're looking for d.n.a. of that your response right we start with a collection off a little mound of a lot that we isolate the d.n.a. of from the patient which contains the genetic information of the benign cells and also information of cells what kind of information do you gain from the spots in
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actually we're looking for resistance mutations so this means we're looking for changes in the genetic information of the tumor cell which lead to probably a progress of the tumor in the patient and so that we can change the therapy of the patient accordingly so does that mean that it helps you to find the right kind of repeat or just just for me it's a bit of both so actually we are of course hope that we can change the therapy of patients. in order to have a better chance for the patients and other any other advantages of method one is that it is minimal and they sniffed so you can probably do a kind of money tarring for the patients you can collect the blood. in sirius and check if the resistance of cures and you can do it many times before you see
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a change in probably c t r and i t. right now you're performing this kind of examination of tumors so if you look into the future with other tumors you can do this examination you know this is a very promising and very valid so we expect to have this kind of analysis for breast cancer in the very near future thanks so much for the interesting talk this is a very modern method doctors are doing with the patients blood but doctors have been taking that from patients for centuries and they're not just taking it they're giving it back to the. autologous one therapy is the treatment of disease by using a patient's own blind. to begin with i found it a bit spooky the idea of having my blood taken twice a week and then getting it reinjected over a fairly long period of time. but claudia hoff gave it a try she suffered from herpes for
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a number of years and kept on getting the misters forming on her back at 1st she tried a conventional approach. as it was. my dermatologist prescribed anti-viral drugs which i was supposed to take for 3 months. but fairly quickly after a few weeks it was obvious i wasn't tolerating it well. michelle answer is is familiar with the problem antiviral drugs can be an effective treatment against her piece but he's also found that for some patients alternative treatments work better such as calling this one therapy something he's researched himself at the shop at a hospital in berlin. this is about as immigrants this is for cancer treatment that dates back to antiquity in the past it was seen as magic the significance of blood also played a role nowadays autologous blood terror being also called although human therapy is
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used in alternative medicine as a stimulation therapy designed to alter our modulating immune system. so says on some of the show. it affects my whole body. of elastic and i was. cloudy off began the treatment in the spring to start with samples of blood were taken from a vein in her arm over a period of weeks. each time the blood that was removed was then immediately injected back into her gluteal muscle with a 2nd sterilized syringe with no additional processing. the whole blunt their appeal involves gradually raising the dosage to 5 millimeters per session then reducing it again. how exactly does the therapy work. because i mean 1st the news of. the blood drawn from a patient's brain and re injected into their muscles triggers
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a complex immune reaction that the details of this reaction have not yet been fully researched and understood but the reaction is triggered over and over we're going to boost it further by increasing the dosage which boosts the stimulus to. the cereal application gives rise to a sort of training effect of stimulating the immune system and thereby improving the body's immune competence it's also regulation. on those couple. studies appear to confirm the efficacy of autologous blunt therapy. given. it's a few studies have shown that it's effective in treating hives or to cardio. there's new research from a bomb for example that shows that the therapy is also helpful with chronic fatigue . a clinical observation study at the shocking taney has also shown that it's effective in treating her b.s. and the positive effect is still apparent
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a year after the treatment that's encouraging news for claudia hoff. other forms of the treatment and fall some change to the blood before it is rejected such as oxygenation ozone nation or the addition of homeopathic remedies designed to further stimulate the immune system as yet there are no scientific studies on this. during and after the automakers blunt therapy cloudy hearts condition did improve a bit she gets here in lester's and they also clear up faster. i felt very good during the treatment. there was a positive experience much more so than i would have expected. that positive effect could be further boosted by a refresher round of treatment the treatment should always be done in a specialized practice hygene is of course essential.
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cloudier horse has in the meantime decided to go for a 2nd round of on thomas blood therapy. which. i can see there's been a change so i feel it was worth it. and there was nothing spooky about it at all. there's still no scientific proof that alter him with a repeat works so if you want to have a go with it 1st check with your g.p. like us g.p.'s always like your questions like i do. in good shape your weekly health show on d w that covers many aspects of health care we look at what's new in medical treatment nutrition fitness and beauty we discuss these topics and depth with specialists and offer you opportunities to pose your own questions so get in touch . that's enough for today see what i freak and so then let's all try to stay good check.
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